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THIRD EYE - Recipe For Disaster

European Import : ESM209

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Per Johansson (vocals)
Michael Bodin (guitar)
Martin Damgaard (drums)
Thomas Kuhlmann (guitar)
Andreas Schumann (bass)
Simon Long Krogh (keyboards)
Produced by: Third Eye
Engineered by: Trush
Mixed by : Tommy Hansen
Mastered by: Tommy Hansen
Third Eye started as a band back in 2003. Martin Damgaard, Andreas Schumann, Thomas Kuhlmann and Rasmus Kostending had formed a band at a school for music and were playing different kinds of metal, when their teacher, Michael Bodin, asked if they would like to try some tunes he had written. Almost immediately the band felt connected through the music and Third Eye was a reality. Things were going great, a lot of songs were written, but the band still needed a singer. After putting some tunes on the internet they got in touch with Casper Greiff. He had put some good vocals on some of the tunes and Third Eye agreed to start work with him. Soon after, they started to play gigs around the country and got a lot of great feedback. It was agreed to start working on a full length album. A lot of energy was focused into this but in the process Casper slipped further away from the direction the rest of the band was headed. In the beginning of 2007 after a concert, Casper left the band. This was a great setback and it was discussed how to complete an album without a singer. Things should soon turn to the better though. After 6 months Michael randomly ran into Per Johansson. Per was really interested in the band, and he was introduced to some of their material. Per was hooked, and soon after, he started working on the vocals for the songs. Spring 2008 the band headed to the studio to start the recording of what was to become the album: Recipe For Disaster. The recordings stretched for almost a year due to a lot of different setbacks. In the 11'Th hour the band even had to see keyboard player Rasmus Kostending leave the band, and it seemed that the album would get further delayed. Luckily Finn Zierler, from Beyond Twilight, stepped in and helped with keys on some of the songs. The rest was taken care of by Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse Studios. A year after Third Eye started recording, Tommy Hansen laid the final hand on the mixing and mastering. The album was ready to be revealed to the world. Easier said than done though. One more year should pass, struggling with different labels, before “Recipe For Disaster” was finally ready for the world, 2 years after starting the recordings. During this period Simon Krogh joined the band on keyboards. A long and hard journey was over. By coincidence the album title fitted the recording-process, even though it was created before the recording started. This fine release is a great metal album which will impress right from the start.
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