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TILES - Fly Paper

US Release : INOM7967

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Chris Herin (guitar)
Mark Evans (drums)
Paul Rarick (vocals)
Jeff Whittle (bass)
Alannah Myles (guest backing vocals)
Alex Lifeson (guest guitar)
Hugh Syme (guest keyboards)
Kim Mitchell (guest guitar)
Matthew Parmenter guest (keyboards, backing vocals)
Sonya Mastick (percussion)
Produced by: Terry Brown
Engineered by: Terry Brown
Mixed by : Terry Brown
Mastered by: tbd
TILES is a progressive hard rock band from Detroit, Michigan that formed in 1993. During the past fourteen years TILES has developed a style that blends progressive rock complexity and soaring vocal melodies with an aggressive hard rock edge. “Fly Paper” is the fifth and most recent recording from TILES. Producer Terry Brown (Rush, Alannah Myles) has returned to fashion a polished-yet-tangible sonic picture that instantly engages the listener. “Fly Paper” finds TILES embracing a renewed sense of collaboration to craft an immediate collection of songs that feature the intricacies of progressive rock blended with deep rhythmic grooves and dense arrangements. “Fly Paper” features an impressive roster of special guests including Alannah Myles on vocals, Kim Mitchell (Max Webster) and Alex Lifeson (Rush) on guitar; Hugh Syme on keyboards; Matthew Parmenter (Discipline) keyboards and vocals; and Sonya Mastick on percussion.
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