GLENN TIPTON - Baptizm Of Fire

US Release : RHI73333

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Glen Tipton (vocals, bass, guitar)
Whitfield Crane (vocals)
Name (guitar)
Billy Sheehan (bass)
C.J. DeVillar (bass)
John Entwistle (bass)
Neil Murray (bass)
Robert Trujillo (bass)
Don Airey (keyboards)
Brooks Wackerman (drums)
Cozy Powell (drums)
Rick Tipton (drums)
Shannon Larkin (drums)
Produced by: Glen Tipton, Mark Dodson
Engineered by: Sean Lynch
Mixed by : Mark Dodson
Mastered by: Greg Calbi
As an original member of heavy metal forefathers Judas Priest, Glenn Tipton has engaged audiences for nearly a quarter of a century with his aggressive yet melodic guitar playing. His solo album -- recorded in the interim between Priest frontmen -- displays a wide range of styles. Blues, classical, thrash, and traditional British metal all coalesce in this hard-rockin' album, and Tipton (who also sings) gets to work in formats not common to Priest, such as the thrashing punk rendition of "Paint It Black" and the majestic instrumental title track. He even ends the album playing a banjo. This is the 2006 reissue of Baptizm of Fire with the bonus cuts "Himalaya" and "New Breed."
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