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TRIGGER - Trigger

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Jimmy Duggan (guitar)
Richie House (guitar)
Tom Nigra (bass)
Derek Remington (drums)
Produced by: Dennis Ferrante, Corky Stasiak
Engineered by: Dennis Ferrante, Corky Stasiak
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
"FÊTED BY THE cognoscenti, including then Sounds journalist and now Classic Rock Editor At Large, Geoff Barton, Trigger's lone major label album (originally released in 1978) is regarded by many as one of the greatest hard rock records to have been recorded during the 1970's. That it didn't sell a bean is no refection of its creative power or its unyielding ability to impress. Signed to the prestigious Casablanca label (on the recommendation of Gene Simmons), the Trigger sound was cut from very much the same cloth as fellow label stable mates Kiss and Angel, as well as other great American hard rock institutions such as Starz, Aerosmith and Ted Nugent. Melodic, yet rough hewn, their sound relied on killer hooks, razor sharp guitar playing, pummelling rhythm work and songs that told road-weary stories of hard livin', dangerous deeds and late nights. It was a party-hard sound tailor made for the era and one that out-performed fledgling rivals by a considerable margin. Sadly, despite delivering a near masterpiece of triumphant shout-it-out-loud rock, Trigger's fortunes were dashed by the economic cruelties of a label that was fast running out of both track and cash. Sinking with the ship, Trigger's time may have been short lived but their legacy continues to exert considerable influence. And, like all the great loud and proud records, it is a sound that, come rain or shine, sounds as fresh today as it did on the day of release. This "Special Limited Collector's Edition is the first time this record has been on CD anywhere. It has been remastered using 24 but digital POW-r technology and is packaged with a 16 page full colour booklet featuring original and enhanced artwork with memorabilia and also has a 4,000 Word essay written by Dave Reynolds with full band invlovement.
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