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UFO - No Heavy Petting

US Release : CAR04442

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Phil Mogg (vocals)
Michael Schenker (guitar)
Pete Way (bass)
Danny Peyronel (keyboards, vocals)
Andy Parker (drums)
Produced by: Leo Lyons
Engineered by: Mike Bobak
Mixed by : tbd
Remastered by: Peter Mew
Following the breakout success of Phenomenon and Force It, UFO had finally ascended to the first division of British hard rock. And after hiring a second guitarist and keyboard player in Danny Peyronel, Michael Schenker and Phil Mogg led the group back into the studio to record its fifth album, No Heavy Petting. The album's best moment is the beautifully executed "I'm a Loser" which unleashes Schenker for one of his most jaw-dropping solos ever.
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