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VANISHING POINT - Tangled In Dream

European Import : NL2006

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1. Surreal
2. Samsara
3. Closer Apart
4. Bring On The Rain
5. Never Walk Away
6. The Real You
7. Two Minds One Soul
8. I Will Awake
9. Dancing With The Devil
10. Father (7 Years)
11. Tangled In Dream
12. Never Walk Away (video)
Silvio Massaro
Tom Vucur
Chris Porcianko
Joe Del Mastro
Jack Lukic
Danny Olding

Produced by: Vanishing Point
Engineered by: Endel Rivers
Mixed by : Endel Rivers
Mastered by: Steve Smart & Mazen Murad
The praise they received even before their new album was released was as loud as the applause which greeted their brilliant European debut: The Australian band VANISHING POINT have been a focal point since their great show at the Wacken 2000 Open Air Festival. The prog metal formation with singer Silvio Massaro now present their second album, "Tangled In Dream", which combines great melodies with intelligently styled arrangements and which manages to rock, whilst still sounding atmospheric and sensitive. As the Heavy Metal music & lifestyle guru of the influential Australian music magazine. With their superb mixture of progressive parts, transparent arrangements as well as a powerful and well-balanced production, VANISHING POINT will find all doors open to them.
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