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VEGA - Stereo Messiah

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Nick Workman (vocals)
Dan Chantrey (drums)
Tom Martin (bass)
James Martin (keyboards)
Marcus Thurston (guitar)
Produced by: John Mitchell
Engineered by: John Mitchell, Ben Humphreys
Mixed by : John Mitchell
Mastered by: Harry Hess
British melodic rockers VEGA are back with their third studio album "Stereo Messiah". The new album marks the band's return to the Frontiers label, after the release of their debut album "Kiss of Life" in December 2010. The new recording features 12 songs that literally rock from start to finish and will leave you wanting more! It also includes a song entitled "10 X Bigger than Love" which Def Leppard singer, Joe Elliott gave the band. He also appears dueting with singer Nick Workman on the song. "Stereo Messiah" was recorded over 14 days in two sessions. The hard work was completed at Outhouse Studio's in Reading, home to It Bites front-man John Mitchell. John worked with the band as the obligatory 6th member and helped VEGA achieve their most accomplished album to date. Once the album was recorded, John completed the mixing process and then passed the bat on to Harem Scarem's Harry Hess, who mastered the album at his studio in Canada. "Stereo Messiah" truly sees the band taking their song writing and performance to the next level.
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