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US Release : NEH13

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Phil Vincent (vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass, drums)
Tane Deangelis (drums)
David Zychek (guitar)
Billy Roux (guitar)
Paul Colombo (guitar)
Produced by : Phil Vincent and Russ Martin
Engineered by : Phil Vincent
Mixed by : Phil Vincent and Russ Martin
Mastered by : Russ Martin

One could be forgiven for thinking that Classic hard rock died a death when the grunge scene took over. Not so! In truth the scene has never gone away to those who really care about it and with the current semi revival of hard rock in Europe we are seeing the birth of a new generation of fresh young acts who can show the old dogs a thing or two. Like so many of these artists Rhode Island's Phil Vincent has been single handedly releasing quality melodic hard rock albums since 1996 and his audience gets healthier with each release. Vincent's trademark is good quality guitar driven rock songs with massive hooks.

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