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VON GROOVE - The Seventh Day

European Import : ZR1997190

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Mladen (guitar)
Tom Lewis (bass)
Michael Shotton (vocals, drums, keyboards)
Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Michael Shotton, Mladen
Mastered by: Mladen
VON GROOVE is a three piece Canadian band that released their first self-titled album in 1990 through EMI. The Richie Zito produced album quickly become a favorite of critics and Melodic hardrock fans all over the world. As was the case with many other classic hardrock bands around this period, the Grunge wave hit hard and Von Groove was set in limbo for a couple of years. In 1995 the band returned with their second album "Rainmaker" in which an attempt was made to present a more alternative-rock sound. The album wasn't what their fan base expected and the album was a disappointment both for the band and for their fans. VON GROOVE decided that they must remain true to their melodic roots when they generated their third album. "Chameleon. It is a brilliant piece of powerful melodic rock with great hooks, superb guitars and amazing arrangements in the tradition of Triumph or Aldo Nova, yet with a slightly more modern edge. The first version of "Chameleon" was released in Japan in late 1997 under the title "Mission Man". The European version of "Chameleon" was presented with new cover, booklet and 3 new songs not included on the Japanese version. Von Groove's fourth album "Test Of Faith" was again, pure and simply awesome Canadian rock. On "Driving Off The Edge Of The World", their fifth album, the three Canadians shifted one gear up; the whole production was much tougher than usual. The band switched European labels and released "3 Faces Past", an acoustic laden album that was a departure in presentation form but still very much in the Melodic Rock genre. This is their latest release. "The Seventh Day" was originally released in 2001. It has now been reissued with three previously unreleased bonus tracks and has been remastered.
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