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Risto Tuominen (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals)
Janne "Gekko" Granfors (bass)
Jori "Jorge" Tojander (keyboards)
Tuomas Pelli (drums)
Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Kari Nieminen
Mastered by: Joona Lukala
Wake The Nations is a new melodic rock/AOR band from Finland. Their music influences come from the 80s (mostly) era and from AOR, pop-rock and melodic rock acts from both Europe and the US.Apart from the band’s 4 members, Risto, Janne, Jori & Tuomas, there’s a bunch of guest musicians that participate in the album. In detail those are: Dado Topic on vocals, Estef Martinez (Insider) on vocals, Taage Laiho (Kilpi, Mad Hatter’s Den, Ghost Machinery) on vocals, Janne Hurme (Human Temple) on vocals, Nils Nordling (Dirge) on vocals, Krister Stenbom (Villa Sucka) on vocals, Timo Pelander (Finlanders) on guitar, Jari Pailamo (Ponies To Kill, No Man’s Land) on keys and Kalle Saarinen (Clayskin) on drums. The strongest part in this album is, without any doubt, its diversity. With so many guest appearances, the music variety should be considered a “must” and so it is. It can also be taken as a “compilation” album because the tracks may be in the same music genre with a certain sound but if you happen upon them on some web-radio, it would be very difficult to tell that this is the same band. I can’t tell what the guys have in mind, and if they will keep having so many participants in their next album, but this thing has worked quite well on “Sign of Heart”.
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