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John Wetton (vocals, bass)
Geoffrey Downes (keyboards)
John Mitchell (guitar)
Steve Christey (drums)
Produced by: John Wetton and Geoffrey Downes
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
John Wetton and Geoffrey Downes cut their musical teeth on English church music as young boys, each was gifted with an ear for a good tune, be it ABBA or the Beach Boys. As young men, they slugged it out in the trenches, reaching varying levels of success on their way to a date with destiny. John played and sung with King Crimson, Roxy Music, UK and Wishbone Ash, while Geoff got an enormous exposure with Buggles' massive hit "Video Killed The Radio Star" in 1979 later on joining the latest incarnation of Yes before they broke up after the release of "Drama". Like a "bolt from the blue", lightning struck in 1981 when they came together in the same group, a band whose moniker had to be as big as a continent in order to contain the talent within. With the band Asia - together with other bands like Journey, Foreigner, Boston - they epitomized the MTV friendly power rock explosion in the 80's, which focused on the musical creativity of some of the planet's greatest musicians and songwriters, proof of which is the enduring quality of the songs which are as fresh today as they were during that years. Asia's eponymous first release was the best selling album in the world in 1982, number 1 in the USA for 9 weeks. The second and third Asia albums were also big sellers worldwide and enjoyed several hit singles. Unfortunately, messers Wetton and Downes went their separate ways in 1985 and since then Asia has been through several incarnations. Still - during the years - there was a consistent demand that Geoff and John could recreate the exceptional foundation upon which the Asia pyramid had been formed. Wetton and Downes' paths crossed again as if by destiny and for the first time since 1990, they graced the same stage together during 2002's USA fan convention in Philadelphia. Geoff consequently contributed to the writing and playing on Wetton's 2003 solo album, "Rock of Faith" and it became clear that the two had some unfinished business. During 2004 they finally entered the studio with ideas and energy, sat round the same piano upon which we had written the 1980s anthems, emerging recently with the enclosed selection of new Wetton / Downes compositions which once again capture the original magic. With the help of longtime John Wetton collaborators Steve Christey (Jadis) on drums and John Mitchell (Arena, Kino) on guitars, along with Annie Haslam (Ranaissance), Ian McDonald (Foreigner, King Crimson), Hugh McDowell (ELO), Mike Stobbie guesting - ICON is going to be one of the events of the season in rock music. In addition to the release of the ICON album, a new recorded version of Asia's biggest hit "Heat of The Moment" this year has been licensed as lead song for Pierce Brosnan's latest film "The Matador". The song will be released on a maxi single on Frontiers Records during the summertime.
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