WETTON/DOWNES ICON - Never In A Million Years

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Geoffrey Downes (keybaords)
John Wetton (vocals, bass)
John Mitchell (guitar)
Steve Christey (drums)
Produced by: John Wetton, Geoff Downes
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
There we were again together, playing many of the songs that we had written for ASIA in the 1980s, and lots that we hadn't. New music with old. Familiar brushes on a new canvas. Maybe that's what was needed - a change of perspective for this project. New colours. Some of our materials just needed to be dusted off and exposed to the light - others required a gently flattering facelift. In 2005 we had released our first full studio CD together since 1985's “Astra”. Entitled "Icon", it was a cauldron of melodic rock and spiritually-introspective lyrics, which we felt reflected our mutual journeys since 1985. Soon we would take to the stage to test our new found adrenalin. Joining us would be John Mitchell (guitars) and Steve Christey (drums), plus our fearless crew. From October 2005 to June 2006, we would be delighted and humbled by audience reaction to a selection of our music spanning 23 years, with new life added by our band. Of particular interest, our first ever recording of "We Move As One" which we wrote for Abba's Agnetha Fältkstog. Also, an extended version of "Open Your Eyes" with a seriously sparkling solo by John M. Those of you who were there will remember Lol's magical lights which added suspense and dynamism to the long climactic coda. "The Smile has Left Your Eyes" was recorded at a Roland Virtual Icon show in Germany. You may notice that Hugh McDowell's cello is there - even though he wasn't! Karma decreed that early in 2006 we would reunite with original ASIA colleagues Steve Howe and Carl Palmer, with a view to celebrating the 25th anniversary of our eponymous first album. We are looking forward to that immensely, but our exploits have convinced us that Icon has a life of its own . We feel that writing for Icon and writing for ASIA are totally different--not because of the mind-set--it just turns out that way. The shows are different, too. We record most of our shows--from the 21st Century Metropolis that is Frankfurt, to the serene Raglan Chapel nestling quietly in the Welsh Valleys. We hope you will share our mix of enthusiasm and nostalgia, and join us in a celebration of 25 years of our music. It doesn't have to stop here, of course - we'll be seeing you next time. Till then, stay lucky.
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