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WHITE WOLF - Live In Germany

European Import : ESM169

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Don Wolf (vocals, keyboards)
Cam Macleod (guitar, vocals)
Brendan Ostrander (drums)
Scott Webb (guitar, vocals)
Russ Bergquist (bass)
David J. Petovar (keyboards)
Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
Whitewolf have had a busy 2007. They have returned to the limelight with the release of their new CD “Victim of the Spotlight” (ESM155). Not only that but a double digipack reissue (ESM157) of their celebrated eighties outings “Standing Alone” (1984) and “Endangered Species” (1986) has hit the streets, with a few bonus video clips to add to the excitement. In September 2007 the band were asked to play the UFOR festival in Ludwigsburg, Germany and since that legendary performance they have added many new fans to their already loyal following. The six seasoned musicians rocked the enthusiastic crowd right from the start and with an exciting and varied set Whitewolf turned out one great song after another. The audience were truly amazed at the sheer power of the dual guitar attack of Scott Web and original member Cam Macleod backed with the intense rhythm of Russ Bergquist and Brendan Ostrander. Strong keyboards were supplied by David J Petovar as well as frontman Don Wolf who gave the vocal performance of his life. White Wolf are legends, make no mistake and this is a worthy addition to your collection. With the 2007 release of the third White Wolf album “Victim of the Spotlight” (ESM155) and the reissue of the two earlier albums then the future is bright for this Canadian six piece. The Wolf shall prowl once more…….this is a fantastic live performance and essential for anyone wishing to experience the sheer power of this magnificent hard rock band.
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