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WINTERS BANE - Redivivus

European Import : AORH935

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1. Seal the Light
2. Spark To Flame
3. The World
4. Dead Faith
5. Catching The Sun
6. Remember To Forget
7. Burning Bridges
8. Waves Of Fury
9. Despise The Lie
10. Catching The Sun (demo version)
11. Remember To Forget (demo version)
12. Seal The Light (demo version)
13. Furies (demo version)
Lou St. Paul (guitar)
Alexander Koch (vocals)
Jeff Welch (bass)
Mark Cross (drums)

Produced by: Curran Murphy and Chris Tsangarides
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: R.D. Liapakis
Since their formation in 1990, WINTERS BANE has consistently created some of the most memorable heavy metal songs ever written. In their first incarnation with present ICED EARTH vocalist Tim "Ripper" Owens (ex-JUDAS PRIEST, BEYOND FEAR), they released the classic "Heart Of A Killer" album in 1993. A concept piece based on the murderous exploits of one Judge Cohagen, "Heart Of A Killer" is a power metal tour de force, combining the amazing vocals of Owens, with the fret board pyrotechnics of unsung guitar hero Lou St. Paul. On such instant favorites as "The Silhouette" and "Reflections Within,"St. Paul showed that he was a songwriter with few peers, playing great riffs over intelligent, well thought out lyrical essays. In 2000, Century Media Records re-issued "Heart Of A Killer" as a 2-CD set, winning over many new fans who heard the classic WINTERS BANE sound for the first time. After the departure of singer Tim Owens, St. Paul took over the vocal duties, resulting in WINTERS BANE's heaviest work yet, "Girth". "Girth" was an amalgamation of all that makes great heavy metal music: killer riffs, scorching solos, memorable vocals, poignant lyrics, and a tight, imaginative rhythm section. On such soon to be classics "C-4," "Kill Procedure," and "Alexandria,"WINTERS BANE proved that they were still a band to be reckoned with. After many years of searching for a singer with the vocal prowess to equal the talents of the departed Owens, Alexander Koch (ex-SPIRAL TOWER, POWERGOD, SCENES) was recruited as the new voice of WINTERS BANE, far surpassing the band's expectations of what a vocalist could accomplish. Now WINTERS BANE is ready to unleash their next release, Redivivus, a return to the power metal style of "Heart Of A Killer". With the addition of powerhouse drummer Mark Cross (FIREWIND; ex-METALIUM, HELLOWEEN), and bassist Jeff Welch, WINTERS BANE's most potent line-up is now in place, and the band has delivered the best album they've ever written. On such standout songs as "The World," "Spark To Flame," and "Dead Faith," WINTERS BANE display their superior musicianship and song writing ability, staking their rightful claim among metal's elite. "Redivivus" was produced by Curran Murphy (ex-NEVERMORE, ANNIHILATOR) and Chris Tsangarides (JUDAS PRIEST, BLACK SABBATH, HELLOWEEN), with mastering by RD Liapakis (MYSTIC PROPHECY).
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