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European Import : MAJCD089

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Kimiko Shirao (vocals)
Tsutomu Aruga (guitar)
Toshimasa Kato (bass)
Kensuke Imai (drums)
Produced by: Wizard's Hymn
Engineered by: Takehiro Uchikawa
Mixed by : Kensuke Imai
Mastered by: Kensuke Imai
As already adequately proven with the recent release of the 'Colors Of Conflict' album from Masterpiece, the Japanese do an excellent job of repackaging the classic Euro melodic power metal genre - now it's time for more of the same…but with a difference! Again from Tokyo, WIZARDS' HYMN is a female fronted power metal act that brings a fresh feel to the genre. Guitarist Tsutomu Aruga is a young man with an extremely bright future - the precision and flair in his playing is little short of astounding - and vocalist Kimiko Shirao's angelic tone floats ethereally above the maelstrom created by Aruga and the powerful rhythm section of bassist Toshimasa Kato and drummer Kensuke Imai. Compositionally, WIZARDS' HYMN show a maturity well in advance of their tender years. True to say that there's nothing here you won't have heard before…but I doubt you will ever have heard it quite like this! Housed in superb artwork courtesy of European artist supreme Carl-Andre Beckston, this is definitely one for the discerning power metal enthusiasts.
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