XXX - Heaven Hell Or Hollywood

US Release : PERR2142

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X (guitar, vocals)
Rob Nasty (bass, vocals)
Snowy Shaw (drums, vocals)
Produced by: Snowy Shaw, X
Engineered by: X
Mixed by : Andy La Rocoue
Mastered by: tbd
XXX - is based in Gothenburg, Sweden and although being a brand new band, and without getting wrapped up in any name dropping frenzy here, the members have a massive track record and experience from previous bands in various genres. XXX -CD cover paintings done by Al Rio (Marvel Comics) does sort of imply that you take your pick on your favorite superhero character, X, Snowy or Rob? Heaven, Hell or Hollywood? was mixed by Andy La Roque in Sonic Train Studios. Produced by Snowy Shaw and X. XXX - is pronounced Triple X.
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