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Z RECORDS SAMPLER "Rock The Nations 4"

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1. STEELHEART - WE ALL DIE YOUNG taken from the forthcoming album "Wait" rel Oct 03
2. WILD HORSES - VANCOUVER MOVER taken from the brand new album "Dead Ahead" out now!
3. VON GROOVE - I CAN'T STOP LOVIN YOU [rough mix] the track to appear on the album "99 in the shade"
4. ROX DIAMOND - HEART OF MINE taken from the remastered debut to be released Dec 03
5. MARC FERRARI - OFF THE DEEP END taken from the album Lights, Camera, Action! out now!
6. FEMME FATALE - LADY IN WAITING [demo version] taken from the forthcoming album "Lady In Waiting"
7. BLACK N BLUE - HELL YEAH! [demo version] demo version from the forthcoming album "Hell Yeah!"
8. JANI LANE - FUNNY taken from the album "Back Down To One" out now!
9. FINAL FRONTIER - LYDIA [rough mix] taken from the forthcoming album "Second Wave"
10. JESSE DAMON - DEAR SANITY taken from the album "The Hand That Rocks" out now!
11. ENZIGN - CAST THE FIRST STONE taken from the album "Cast The First Stone" out now!
12. LRT - LAYDOWN THE LAW taken from the forthcoming album "The Law" rel April 2004
13. LIFE - BAREFOOT [rough mix] taken from the forthcoming album "White Flowers" re Dec 2003
14. SILENT RAGE: ROCK YOU AT MY COMMAND taken from the album "Still Alive" out now!
15. THE MILLIONS: HEATHER taken from the album "Million Dollar Rock" out now!
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