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ZEBRA - No Tellin' Lies

European Import : Candy167

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Randy Jackson (vocals, guitar, keyboards)
Felix Hanemann (bass, keyboards, vocals)
Guy Gelso (drums, vocals)
Produced by: Jack Douglas
Engineered by: Bill Dooley
Mixed by : Bill Dooley, Jack Douglas, Ted Jensen
Digitally Remastered by: Jon Astley
Special Deluxe Collector's Edition - ully remastered sound shaped from 24 BIT digital technology. 12 page full colour booklet - 3,500 word essay, enhanced artwork and band involvement. Zebra's debut album surprised everyone, not least of all Atlantic Records, when it became the fastest ever selling debut album in the label's long and illustrious existence. This success was due in no small part to the amount of road work that the band had put in during the years leading up to its release, helping to create a demand that was eager to be satiated. The fact that the music was highly praised in advance by critics didn't hurt matters either. Formed in New Orleans during the mid 70s, Zebra expanded their appeal by relocating to Long Island a few years later, helping to cement a dedicated fan base in two regions which gained them a record deal. The resultant debut LP rapidly achieved Gold status and set the scene for their follow up album promptly recorded and issued in 1984. Produced, once again, to exacting standards, by Jack 'Aerosmith' Douglas, the band took up the challenge by showcasing a concise collection of tracks that easily outgunned their previous work. Refining their powerful sound, the songs are both muscular and melodic, helping to craft a style that was influenced in equal parts by Led Zeppelin and the Beatles, with an additional adventurous lyrical content that set them apart from the competition. Standout tracks include 'Wait Until The Summer's Gone', 'I Don't Like It', 'I Don't Care' and the powerful yet heart rendering 'Bears'."
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