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DOMINOE "No Silence No Lambs"

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Joery Sieber (vocals, guitar)
Robert Papst (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals)
Produced by: Robert Papst
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by: tbd
Mastered at: tbd

DOMINOE was founded in 1987 by six musicians from Munich and vicinity - Jörg Sieber (vocals) - Robert Papst (guitar) - Rick Schulz (drums) - Fred Neudert - (bass) - Johnny Rohde - (keyboard) - Angie Buchzyk (backing vocals). Robert Papst and Jörg Sieber also wrote and produced. The production of the sound track for Jochen Schweizer's extreme sports Film "Family Mad" found the interest of the agency responsible for the PR activites of Renault, the car manufacturer. DOMINOE were asked to write a rock song for the coming PR Spot for Renault's R5. This resulted in 1988 in the launching of "Here I Am", the hit that stood in the charts for 25 weeks and made it to No. 4 in the TOP 10. Shortly after that, DOMINOE released their album "Keep in Touch." Together with Harold Faltermeier, they produced their second album "The Key" in 1990. Robert Papst, who had left the band before that, was still responsible for the composition and, in part, for the production, but did not add his guitar to the album. Due to diverging aims, DOMINOE's members stopped working together in 1992. Robert Papst and Jörg Sieber still kept their dreams alive. In 1994, they wrote a rock album of the finest order - "No More Money" - which was never released due to legal problems. In 1995, Papst and Sieber stopped working together. In the spring of 2001 they came back together again and decided to relaunch DOMINOE. With "No Silence ... No Lambs", including a new version of "Here I Am", this duo, supported by a fantastic phalanx of studio and live musicians, start again on the fast track. "No Silence ... No Lambs" was produced by Robert Papst and Christian Birawsky.

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