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1. Wicked Game
2. Losing My Religion
3. From Now On
4. Until The End
5. This Could Be You
6. Reaching Out
7. That's Why
8. How Many Times
9. Feeding The Fire
10. How Can I Just Say
Guild Of Ages Is:
Danny Martinez (lead vocals, guitar)
Anthony Trujillo (guitar, backing vocals)
James Lostetter (bass)
Steve Stuntz (drums. backing vocals)
Produced by: Bobby Barth
Engineered by: Gusty Christensen
Mixed by: Gusty Christensen & Bobby Barth
Mastered by: Gusty Christensen & Bobby Barth
Recorded, mixed and mastered at: NEH Studios, Denver, Colorado

Guild Of Ages is a melodic hard rock band from Denver, Colorado. Formed by high school friends in the late 1980's, the band consists of Danny Martinez (guitars and lead vocals), Antz Trujillo (guitars, keyboards and vocals), Steve Stuntz (drums and vocals), and Jim Lostetter (bass guitar and vocals). Guild Of Ages incorporates strong guitars, large vocal harmonies and keyboards to their unique sound. Under their previous name of Caught In The Act (CITA), Guild Of Ages quickly earned a reputation as one of the hardest-working bands in the US, averaging close to 300 dates a year.After garnering some regional recognition, the band was brought to the attention of Bobby Barth (Axe, Blackfoot, Angry Anderson) who produced their first record, "Relapse Of Reason" which was released in Europe on MTM Music, in the United States on NEH Records and in Japan on Zero Corp. The release of "Relapse Of Reason" contributed to a resurgence of melodic rock and roll across Japan and Europe, and created a large fan base throughout the world. Relapse Of Reason was voted one of 1994's best albums by critics and fans alike in magazine polls throughout Japan. CITA was voted Best New Band by those same polls. Strong interest in the band led to the release of CITA's second album, Heat of Emotion in Europe on MTM Music and in Japan on Zero Corp. "Heat of Emotion" debuted on Burrn! Magazine's Burrnin' Albums chart at number 35. The album quickly proved to exceed the high expectations of fans and critics throughout the world. A testament to the musical maturing of the band, Heat of Emotion showcases strong songwriting skills and broad arrangements that embellish the powerful sound that drives their first album. The ever growing fan base in Europe drew CITA to Germany where they played several tour dates during the summer of 1997 which were recorded live. These recordings were brought back to the US for mix and mastering at NEH Studios and ultimately resulted in a full CD of live songs titled "Live Over Germany". When the band returned from Europe they immediately began work on a new record. The attention they aroused in Europe ultimately led to the realization that the name "Caught In The Act" which the band had copyrighted in the United States was also coprightied in Europe by a vocal group in The Netherlands. Rather than face lengthy international law suits, the band changed their name to Guild Of Ages. Their new studio album, titled "One" was released  in Japan on Zero Corp, in Europe on MTM Music and in the U.S. on NEH Records in February of 1998. "One" was the first record to be released under their new name, Guild Of Ages and was bundled in with "Live Over Germany" for a limited edition two CD set in Europe. The band returned to Europe in the summer of 1998 on double billing with Axe to play a series of sold out concerts in Germany, The Netherlands, and Belgium. Work began on their fourth studio album in early 1999. Released in Europe on MTM Music in June, 1999 "Vox Dominatas" quickly gained the same critical acclaim that their previous albums earned them. It was also released in Japan on Toshiba/EMI with re-released versions of their first three studio albums including bonus tracks on each from "Live Over Germany". The band spent much of 1999 and the early part of 2000 playing live dates and writing material for their next album. The German band Jaded Heart was recording their record "IV" in NEH Studios at the time and friendships between the two bands were forged. When Jaded Heart vocalist Michael Bormann visited the US again following the release of "IV" in Germany he co-wrote several songs with Guild Of Ages that would ultimately find their way onto the next GOA album, "Citadel". The recording for "Citadel" was completed in late 2000. It is released in Japan on Toshiba/EMI along with a "Best Of" compilation titled "Truth" and also in Europe on MTM Music.

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